By: Tina Wang, Business Development Intern at Posh

What is a banking bot?

Basically, imagine Siri but for banking.

We say “Hey Siri” and get our answers within a few seconds. For example, if I want to create an alarm to wake up at 8 AM tomorrow, I could open my phone, scroll around to find the timer app, then scroll around again to find how to set the time. This process is easy for people who set timers all the time, but for someone who doesn’t do this regularly, it can be time-consuming and frustrating. Luckily for us, Siri knows the inner workings of…

How the power of free study transformed a shy aspiring writer into Posh’s biggest cultural cheerleader.

Devops & Backend Engineer Rajesh (Raj) Kuni has a unique perspective on how Posh has grown over time. As just the sixth employee added to the Posh roster, he’s seen the company grow five times over since he started. With new hires accelerating Posh’s trajectory every day, Raj has observed and championed his team’s growth every step of the way. Despite those changes, Raj cites one crucial early tenet at Posh that has remained the same: trust your hires.

Trust in the people that you’re hiring. Trust that they will make the right decisions. Give them the freedom to explore…

How a Software Engineer at Posh turned sci-fi dreams into fin-tech reality.

Yusuf Khaled always had a sense for the bigger picture. From an early age, young Yusuf was interested in the community at large and the macro influences that shape it. It was his exploration of how to create positive influences in society that led him to a career at Posh.

From Yusuf’s account, his path to Posh wasn’t a straight shot, but rather was a winding road dotted with pivot-points.

A stable bedrock

To tell Yusuf’s story we started at home. When asked to describe his family, Yusuf’s face lights up. “I couldn’t have picked something better.” …

How Posh’s first sales hire went from playing over the net to selling software on the cloud.

The term “team-player” may be a bit played out, but there’s no better way to describe Posh’s newest Sales Executive, Chelsea Albers. From spiking on opponents on the volleyball court to closing million-dollar deals within her first two months, Chelsea is all about the win. But does she do it for herself? Whether in her sports or sales careers, Chelsea’s wins are all for the team.

According to Chelsea, she feels most comfortable when surrounded by intelligent, driven people who combine goal-orientation with a lack of ego about their accomplishments. People whose main motivation is to contribute all their efforts…

Part 3 of 3 of the Meet Posh’s NLP team Series

Most of us are searching for some combination of meaning, impact, compensation, and growth in our professional lives (known as Ikigai). Some people find it in a single job, while others manage multiple jobs and projects. For Dhairya Dalal — an NLP Researcher and Engineer at Posh — this search has been quite the odyssey. But, before we dig into that, let’s start with Dinosaurs.

What was your childhood like?

Young Dhairya loved Dinosaurs. Was it because his parents were scientists? Was it because he was impressionable during the peak Jurassic Park years? Was it because Dinotopia was amazing? …

By Galen Lewis, Business Development Intern

Photo: Getty Images

Conversational AI made it to the big screen in 2013 when Her premiered at movie theatres across the country. The science fiction-romance tells the story of a man who buys an AI-powered operating system for his computer and gradually falls in love with it (or, rather, with “Her”).

Though the movie’s storyline may seem far-fetched, Conversational AI does make it possible for computers to hold human-like conversations, courtesy of natural language processing and machine learning.

At Posh, we haven’t programmed our bots to flirt but we have leveraged Conversational AI to transform customer service…

By: Larry Ng (Business Development Analysts) & Jack Mcgrath (Customer Success Manager)

Have you ever had to navigate through a series of options through the touchpad of your phone? “Press 1, Press 2, Press 3” and so on? If so, you’ve used an IVR.

IVR, known as Interactive Voice Response, allows companies to funnel callers to the right menu options to ensure they get their answers and processes executed without needing to wait to speak to a live agent. .

How the Process Works:

  1. Callers dial the customer service number provided by the company.
  2. A pre-recorded voice greets callers and…

Part 2 of 3 of the Meet Posh’s NLP team series.

by: Nicholas Leonard, Boston-based Entrepreneur, Product Leader, and Startup Advisor

Even though I’ve lived in the Northeast for the past decade and a half, Michelle Fullwood — a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist at Posh — spots a tell-tale vowel pattern in my accent that tells her I grew up outside the region. I quickly learn that Michelle’s deft identification shouldn’t come as a surprise; she is a linguist with a PhD in Linguistics from MIT, and a polyglot who has studied over a dozen languages to various degrees of fluency, including French, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, and Hieroglyphic Egyptian.


Part 1 of 3 of the Meet Posh’s NLP team series.

by: Nicholas Leonard, Boston-based Entrepreneur, Product Leader, and Startup Advisor

Language is at the center of communication

I sat down with Rishi Sharma to learn more about the people behind Posh’s Natural Language Processing engine which powers one of FinTech’s most disruptive products: a chatbot for Credit Unions. Immediately, Rishi quickly clarifies: Posh isn’t just building chatbots; it’s fostering natural conversations. Rather than robotically spew answers, Posh’s chatbots seek to understand and delight users, remembering and reincorporating previous parts of a conversation while conveying human connection in addition to quick competence. Rishi is passionately invested in furthering Posh’s mission to make conversational AI more natural because human-like…

by: Michelle Fullwood, NLP Engineer


Welcome back to Posh’s AI Academy series. Our first post in this series touched on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Now, let’s zoom in on a sub-area of the field called natural language processing, or NLP for short, which is basically AI/ML applied to just about any task that involves understanding or generating natural language. Usually, NLP refers to dealing with natural language as written text, and speech processing is used to refer to dealing with natural language as spoken utterances.

We’ll talk about the tasks involved in NLP, focusing on those most…

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